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Legends of Runeterra Deck Builder

Build the deck that's perfect for you! Legends of Runeterra has so many cards and strategies to choose from, but with RuneterraFire's deck builder and deck tools you can craft your perfect deck for your preferred playstyle! Keep an eye on your mana curve, balance your hero, spell, follower, and landmark cards, and keep the rarity of your deck in view. You can import a deck code to get started quickly. If you're making this deck to share with others be sure to write some instructions on how best to play your deck in the description, and check out the decks created by the community to see if anyone else has a similar strategy, and what they might do differently. Happy deck building!

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Total = 0 / 40
QTY Mana
Bandle City
Piltover & Zaun
Shadow Isles

Champion Champ
Miss Fortune
Tahm Kench
Twisted Fate
Lee Sin
Jarvan IV
Aurelion Sol
Caustic Cask
Fading Memories
Feral Prescience
Pesky Specter
Poro Cannon
Production Surge
Ravenous Butcher
Rite of Calling
The List
Thermogenic Beam
Warning Shot
Absorb Soul
Adaptatron 3000
Advanced Intel
Affectionate Poro
Ancient Preparations
Armed Gearhead
Astute Academic
Baccai Reaper
Bandle Tellstones
Battlefield Prowess
Bilgewater Tellstones
Blade Squire
Blade's Edge
Bloodthirsty Marauder
Brittle Steel
Buried Sun Disc
Byrd, The Bellringer
Chain Vest
Cithria of Cloudfield
Cloud Stance
Concurrent Timelines
Construct of Desolation
Counterfeit Copies
Crackshot Corsair
Crawling Sensation
Crimson Bloodletter
Crusty Codger
Dancing Droplet
Daring Poro
Death Ray - Mk 1
Demacian Sentinel
Demacian Tellstones
Destined Poro
Dragon Chow
Draven's Biggest Fan
Dreg Dredgers
Elixir of Iron
Elixir of Wrath
Fae Sprout
Fallen Feline
Fleetfeather Tracker
Flower Child
Forge Chief
Frightened Ibex
Frozen Thrall
Gift Giver
Go Hard
Greenglade Caretaker
Group Shot
Hapless Aristocrat
Health Potion
Heavens Aligned
Hexplosive Minefield
Imagined Possibilities
Inspiring Mentor
Inventive Chemist
Ionian Tellstones
Jagged Butcher
Legion Rearguard
Legion Saboteur
Lonely Poro
Lunari Duskbringer
Mageseeker Conservator
Mark of the Isles
Messenger's Sigil
Mushroom Cloud
Navori Bladescout
Nimble Poro
Noxian Tellstones
Obelisk of Power
Oblivious Islander
Omen Hawk
Penitent Squire
Petricite Hound
Piltovan Tellstones
Plucky Poro
Plunder Poro
Poison Dart
Pool Shark
Precious Pet
Proto Poro
Prowling Cutthroat
Purpleberry Shake
Radiant Strike
Ranger's Resolve
Ravenbloom Conservatory
Ravenous Flock
Reborn Grenadier
Ripper's Bay
Saga Seeker
Sapling Toss
Scrying Sands
Shadow Apprentice
Shadow Fiend
Shadow Isles Tellstones
Shaped Stone
Shroud of Darkness
Shuriman Tellstones
Sinister Poro
Solari Soldier
Spacey Sketcher
Sparring Student
Spell Thief
Star Shepherd
Stinky Whump
Stress Testing
Stygian Onlooker
Targonian Tellstones
The Flight
The Mourned
The Wings and The Wave
Thrashing Snapper
Three Sisters
Treasure Seeker
Trinket Trade
Unscarred Reaver
Warden's Prey
Watchful Idol
Xer'sai Hatchling
Ye Been Warned
Yeti Yearling
Yordle Squire
Zaunite Urchin
Academy Prodigy
Ancestral Boon
Ancient Hourglass
Answered Prayer
Arachnoid Horror
Arena Battlecaster
Arena Bookie
Aspiring Chronomancer
Assistant Librarian
Avarosan Sentry
Ballistic Bot
Bandle Commando
Behold the Infinite
Bitsy Lizard
Black Market Merchant
Black Rose Spy
Blastcone Seedling
Blinding Assault
Blood for Blood
Blue Sentinel
Bomber Twins
Bone Scryer
Bone Skewer
Boom Baboon
Boomcrew Rookie
Brightsteel Protector
Brothers' Bond
Calculated Creations
Call the Pack
Called Shot
Careful Preparation
Caught in the Cold
Chempunk Pickpocket
Chirean Sumpworker
Claws of the Dragon
Clockwork Curator
Clump of Whumps
Coral Creatures
Crawling Viperwyrm
Crimson Aristocrat
Crimson Disciple
Cursed Keeper
Darkbulb Acolyte
Death Lotus
Discreet Invitation
Dragonguard Lieutenant
Dreadway Deckhand
Durand Sculptor
Eager Apprentice
Egghead Researcher
Electro Harpoon
Emperor's Dais
Esmus, Breath of the World
Evershade Stalker
Eye of the Dragon
Faces of the Old Ones
Fading Icon
Fae Bladetwirler
Fallen Rider
Feral Mystic
Ferros Financier
Field Promotion
Flame Chompers!
Fortune Croaker
Gifts From Beyond
Glimpse Beyond
Golden Narwhal
Grandfather Fae
Grave Physician
Greenglade Duo
Greenglade Lookout
Gruesome Theater
Guiding Touch
Gust Monk
Harbinger of Thralls
Haunted Relic
Herald of Dragons
Herald of Spring
Hibernating Rockbear
Hired Gun
Honored Lord
House Spider
Hunt the Weak
Icevale Archer
Imperial Demolitionist
Inner Beast
Insight of Ages
Inspiring Light
Intrepid Mariner
Iterative Improvement
Jagged Taskmaster
Keeper of Masks
Kelp Maidens
Ki Guardian
Lamb's Respite
Lead and Follow
Legion Drummer
Legion Grenadier
Line 'Em Up
Lunari Shadestalker
Mageseeker Persuader
Make it Rain
Marai Songstress
Marai Warden
Mask Mother
Monkey Business
More Powder!
Mountain Goat
Mystic Shot
Mystic Vortex
Navori Conspirator
Navori Highwayman
Obedient Drakehound
Onslaught of Shadows
Pale Cascade
Patched Porobot
Petricite Broadwing
Petricite Pillar
Pick a Card
Pokey Stick
Poro Herder
Prowling Projectile
Proximity Puffcap
Puffcap Pup
Quick Quill
Redfin Hammersnout
Ribbon Dancer
Rock Hopper
Rockfall Path
Ruinous Acolyte
Ruinous Path
Ruthless Predator
Ruthless Raider
Salt And Stitches
Scrapdash Assembly
Sea Scarab
Shared Spoils
Shark Chariot
Shield Vault
Silent Shadowseer
Single Combat
Sleepy Trouble Bubble
Snapjaw Swarm
Solari Shieldbearer
Solari Sunhawk
Song of the Isles
Sonic Wave
Soul Shepherd
Sown Seeds
Spell Slinger
Stalking Wolf
Star Spring
Starlit Seer
Starry Scamp
Startipped Peak
Startled Stomper
Steel Tempest
Sting Officer
Stirred Spirits
Stone Stackers
Stony Suppressor
Sumpworks Map
Sunblessed Vigor
Supercool Starchart
The Absolver
The Gray Apothecary
The Sky Shadows
The Stagehand
Thorny Toad
Time Trick
Time in a Bottle
Tornado Warrior
Trail of Evidence
Tricksy Tentacles
Trifarian Gloryseeker
Trifarian Hopeful
Troll Chant
Troll Gifts
Troll Scavenger
Tusk Speaker
Twin Disciplines
Twisted Catalyzer
Tyari the Traveler
Unspeakable Horror
Unto Dusk
Vanguard Defender
Vanguard Lookout
Veteran Investigator
Vile Feast
Vulpine Wanderer
Waking Sands
War Chefs
Weapon Hilt
Wharf Rat
Yordle Explorer
Yordle Smith
Young Witch
Against the Odds
Amateur Aeronaut
Arachnoid Sentry
Arena Kingpin
Assembly Bot
Avarosan Marksman
Avarosan Trapper
Babbling Balladeers
Bandle City Mayor
Bandle Painter
Bayou Brunch
Bilgerat Rascal
Black Spear
Blighted Caretaker
Bouncing Bomb
Bubble Bear
Buhru Leader
Buhru Sentinel
Call the Wild
Camavoran Soldier
Chamber of Renewal
Chief Nakotak
Crescent Guardian
Crimson Curator
Culling Strike
Darkwater Scourge
Deadbloom Wanderer
Death Mark
Death's Hand
Desert Duel
Devoted Council
Divergent Paths
Double Trouble
Dragon Roost
Dragon's Clutch
Durand Architect
Durand Protege
Ember Maiden
Emerald Awakener
En Garde
Endless Devout
Esteemed Hierophant
Fae Aid
Flash Freeze
Flash of Brilliance
Fledgling Stellacorn
Frenzied Skitterer
Fresh Offerings
Fuzzy Caretaker
Get Excited!
Giddy Sparkleologist
Gleaming Lantern
God-Willow Seedling
Golden Crushbot
Grappling Hook
Greenfang Warden
Greenglade Elder
Haunted Tomb
Heroic Refrain
Hexcore Foundry
Hextech Handler
Hunting Boar
Ice Shard
Inner Sanctum
Insider Knowledge
Iron Ballista
Iron Harbinger
Jaull Hunters
Journeying Sandhopper
Khahiri the Student
Kindly Tavernkeeper
Laurent Duelist
Laurent Protege
Legion Marauder
Lightning Rush
Loping Telescope
Lounging Lizard
Loyal Badgerbear
Lunari Priestess
Lure of the Depths
Mageseeker Investigator
Manasoul Student
Memory's Cloak
Mentor of the Stones
Merciless Hunter
Might of the Vanguard
Mighty Poro
Mist's Call
Monastery of Hirana
Monkey Idol
Mushroom Ring
Noble Rebel
Noxian Fervor
Noxian Guillotine
Paddle Star
Paparo the Great
Parade Electrorig
Passage Unearned
Patrol Wardens
Petty Officer
Phantom Prankster
Pilfered Goods
Piltover Peacemaker
Pocket Aces
Pompous Cavalier
Poro Snax
Practical Perfectionist
Prismatic Barrier
Puffcap Peddler
Reckless Trifarian
Rimefang Wolf
Rising Spell Force
Rite of the Arcane
Roar of the Slayer
Ruined Dragonguard
Sai Scout
Sap Magic
Scaled Snapper
Scales of the Dragon
Scarthane Steffen
Scorched Earth
Scribe of Sorrows
Senna, Sentinel of Light
Shadow Assassin
Sharpened Resolve
Shield of Durand
Sigil of Malice
Sleight of Hand
Solari Priestess
Solari Sentinel
Solitary Monk
Spiral Stairs
Splinter Soul
Spoils of War
Spring Guardian
Stalking Shadows
Starlit Epiphany
Station Archivist
Strafing Strike
Stress Defense
Sump Dredger
Sump Fumes
Take Heart
Tall Tales
Tasty Faefolk
The Forge Of Tomorrow
The Grand Plaza
The Maker
The Prefect
The Scargrounds
The Sea's Voice
The Slaughter Docks
The Twisted Treeline
The Undying
Thorn of the Rose
Thunder Fist
Tidal Wave
Trevor Snoozebottom
Unleashed Energy
Unraveled Earth
Used Cask Salesman
Vanguard Redeemer
Vanguard Sergeant
Vanguard Squire
Vault Breaker
Vekauran Vagabond
Volunteer Elnuk
Waste Walker
We Stand Together
Whirling Death
Winds of War
Wizened Wizard
Woodland Keeper
Wounded Whiteflame
Wyrding Stones
Xenotype Researchers
Xer'Sai Caller
Yordle Newbie
Yordle Portal
Zenith Blade
Abyssal Guard
Aloof Travelers
Ancient Crocolith
Arena Promoter
Astral Fox
Astral Protection
Avarosan Outriders
Babbling Bjerg
Baccai Sandspinner
Back Alley Barkeep
Basilisk Rider
Battle Bonds
Blighted Ravine
Blinded Mystic
Bloodsworn Pledge
Bloody Business
Brash Gambler
Broadbacked Protector
Brutal Hunter
Bull Elnuk
Buster Shot
Callous Bonecrusher
Camavoran Dragon
Captive Greyback
Catalogue of Regrets
Chronicler of Ruin
Chum the Waters
Chump Whump
Coastal Defender
Concussive Palm
Crimson Awakener
Crowd Favorite
Crystal Ibex
Defective Swapbot
Defiant Dance
Desert Naturalist
Desert's Wrath
Earth Elemental
Ember Monk
Eminent Benefactor
Encroaching Shadows
Fabled Poro
Fae Guide
Ferros Skycruiser
Field Musicians
Flurry of Fists
Fury of the North
Gallant Rider
Golden Aegis
Golden Ambassador
Grizzled Ranger
Ground Slam
Gruff Grenadier
Harrowing Return
Hunting Fleet
Insightful Investigator
Island Navigator
Justice Rider
Kinkou Lifeblade
Kinkou Wayfinder
Kinkou's Call
Laurent Bladekeeper
Laurent Chevalier
Lecturing Yordle
Legion Veteran
Loaded Dice
Lost Riches
Mageseeker Inciter
Marai Greatmother
Mountain Scryer
Murkwolf Shaman
Mystifying Magician
Pathless Ancient
Petricite Stag
Playful Trickster
Powder Pandemonium
Primal Strength
Professor von Yipp
Promising Future
Relentless Pursuit
Ren Shadowblade
Risen Mists
Rite of Dominance
Rite of Negation
Ruined Reckoner
Salt Spire
Scholarly Climber
Shady Character
Shards of the Mountain
Shiraza the Blade
Shrieking Spinner
Silverwing Scout
Silverwing Vanguard
Solari Sunforger
Spirit Leech
Spirit Portal
Spirit's Refuge
Stand Alone
Statikk Shock
Stilted Robemaker
Strategic Execution
Succumb to the Cold
Suit Up!
Sumpsnipe Scavenger
Swiftwing Flight
Swole Scout
Swole Squirrel
Tenor of Terror
Tentacle Smash
The Bandle Tree
The Beast Below
The Box
The Fangs
The Lady of Blood
The Veiled Temple
Thorned Blade
Troll Ravager
Vanguard Bannerman
Vanguard Firstblade
Vekauran Safecracker
Voice of the Risen
Watcher on the Isles
Weight of Judgment
Whispered Words
Whiteflame Protector
Will of Ionia
Yordle Captain
Yordle Grifter
Zap Sprayfin
Abyssal Eye
Ancient Warmonger
Arachnoid Host
Avarosan Hearthguard
Baccai Witherclaw
Blessing of Targon
Blood in the Water
Blossoming Blade
Buhru Lookout
Catalyst of Aeons
Celestial Wonder
Chempunk Shredder
Cold Resistance
Concerted Strike
Cosmic Binding
Coup de Grace
Decisive Maneuver
Deep Meditation
Double Up
Dragon Ambush
Draklorn Inquisitor
Ethereal Remitter
Event Horizon
Eye of Nagakabouros
Eye of the Ra-Horak
Fallen Reckoner
Fleet Admiral Shelly
Freed Colossus
Fused Firebrand
Go Get It
Grasp of the Undying
Greathorn Companion
Herald of the Magus
Heroic Charge
Intimidating Roar
Jack, the Winner
Jeweled Protector
Kato The Arm
Legion Deserter
Legion General
Mechanized Mimic
Midenstokke Henchmen
Moonlight Affliction
Morning Light
Most Wanted
Mountain Drake
Mountain Sojourners
Neverglade Collector
Nine Lives
Noxkraya Arena
Officer Squad
Out Of The Way
Papercraft Dragon
Poro Sled
Purrsuit of Perfection
Radiant Guardian
Rahvun, Daylight's Spear
Rampaging Baccai
Razorscale Hunter
Reaver's Row
Resplendent Stellacorn
Retired Reckoner
Rimetusk Shaman
Rissu, The Silent Storm
Rocket Barrage
Ruin Runner
Ruined Rex
Sandswept Tomb
Scarmaiden Reaver
Screeching Dragon
Shadows of the Past
Shell Game
Siphoning Strike
Slippery Waverider
Sneaky Zeebles
Spirit Journey
Spirits Unleashed
Spotted Toad
Storm of Blades
Survival Skills
Swiftwing Lancer
Tail-Cloak Matriarch
Targon's Peak
Tarkaz the Tribeless
The Cloven Way
The Time Has Come
The University of Piltover
Tortured Prodigy
Tri-beam Improbulator
Trifarian Assessor
Trifarian Shieldbreaker
Troop of Elnuks
Unstable Voltician
Ursine Spiritwalker
Vanguard Cavalry
Vaults of Helia
Vekauran Bruiser
Wild Claws
Withering Mist
Withering Wail
Wrathful Rider
Xerxa'reth, The Undertitan
Yordle Contraption
Yordles in Arms
Alpha Wildclaw
Ardent Tracker
Arena Mechacaster
Armored Tuskrider
Arrel the Tracker
Ascended's Rise
Assembly Line
Augmented Experimenter
Augur of the Old Ones
Aurok Glinthorn
Aurora Porealis
Ava Achiever
Avatar of the Tides
Back to Back
Battering Ram
Brood Awakening
Camphor, the Doubt
Celestial Trifecta
Chief Mechanist Zevi
Cithria the Bold
Citrus Courier
Cloud Drinker
Consult the Heavens
Corina, Mastermind
Curious Shellfolk
Cygnus the Moonstalker
Dawn and Dusk
Devourer of the Depths
Double Tap
Dragonguard Lookout
For Demacia!
For Glory!
Genevieve Elmheart
Harsh Winds
Heart of the Fluft
Hextech Anomaly
Hextech Transmogulator
Hidden Pathways
Horns of the Dragon
Hyara Allseer
Iceborn Legacy
Inspiring Marshal
Inviolus Vox
Ixtali Sentinel
Jae Medarda
Kadregrin the Ruined
Keeper's Verdict
Khahiri the Returned
Lord Broadmane
Maduli, The Gatekeeper
Mammoth Shaman
Minotaur Reckoner
Molten Breath
Monster Harpoon
Piercing Darkness
Redoubled Valor
Revna, the Lorekeeper
Rimefang Denmother
Risen Altar
Safety Inspector
Sai'nen Thousand-Tailed
Sands of Time
Scarmother Vrynna
Scattered Pod
Shadow Flare
Shaman's Call
Sheriff Lariette Rose
Shifting Sands
Shock Blast
Stand United
Sun Guardian
The Howling Abyss
Towering Stonehorn
Unlicensed Innovation
Wiggly Burblefish
Wise Fry
Xer'sai Dunebreaker
Yordle Ranger
Zephyr Sage
Albus Ferros
Ancient Yeti
Basilisk Bloodseeker
Boomerang Blade
Dawning Shadow
Dragon's Rage
Eclipse Dragon
Emperor's Divide
Furious Faefolk
Icy Yeti
Invasive Hydravine
King Jarvan III
Mega Inferno Bomb
Mind Meld
Overgrown Snapvine
Pack Mentality
Raz Bloodmane
Revitalizing Roar
Ritual of Renewal
Sacred Protector
Savage Reckoner
Servitude of Desolation
Shark Trainer
Shipwreck Hoarder
Smooth Soloist
Spirit Fire
Sputtering Songspinner
Stalking Broodmother
The Empyrean
The Etherfiend
The Rekindler
The Syren
The Winding Light
They Who Endure
Thrumming Swarm
Trueshot Barrage
Vanguard's Edge
Windfarer Hatchling
Wings of the Cryophoenix
Winter's Breath
Yone, Windchaser
Abominable Guardian
Bandle Gunners
Battle Fury
Captain Arrika
Captain Farron
Children of the Forest
Dess & Ada
Destiny's Call
For The Fallen
Give It All
Grandfather Rumul
Incisive Tactician
It That Stares
Lost Soul
Mirror Mage
Progress Day!
Protective Broodfather
Rhasa the Sunderer
Riptide Rex
Sanctum Conservator
Spectral Matron
Strength in Numbers
Sunk Cost
Terror of the Tides
The Arsenal
The Clock Hand
The Dreadway
The Infinite Mindsplitter
The Leviathan
The Tuskraider
Tianna Crownguard
Unyielding Spirit
Uzgar the Ancient
Voices of the Old Ones
Weapons of the Lost
Wrath of the Freljord
Zinneia, Steel Crescendo
Brightsteel Formation
Buried in Ice
Commander Ledros
Corina Veraza
Gorlith the Unscalable
Kadregrin the Infernal
Minah Swiftfoot
The Harrowing
The Ruination
Arbiter of the Peak
Atakhan, Bringer of Ruin
Cithria, Lady of Clouds
Glorious Evolution
Plaza Guardian
She Who Wanders
Singular Will
Treasured Trash
Feel The Rush
Sandstone Chimera
Warmother's Call
The Skies Descend

Legends of Runeterra Deck Builder

Build the deck that's perfect for you! Legends of Runeterra has so many cards and strategies to choose from, but with RuneterraFire's deck builder and deck tools you can craft your perfect deck for your preferred playstyle! Keep an eye on your mana curve, balance your hero, spell, follower, and landmark cards, and keep the rarity of your deck in view. You can import a deck code to get started quickly. If you're making this deck to share with others be sure to write some instructions on how best to play your deck in the description, and check out the decks created by the community to see if anyone else has a similar strategy, and what they might do differently. Happy deck building!

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Cards Deck Stats Details

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Follow the recommended steps below to easily build your deck.

Bandle City
Piltover & Zaun
Shadow Isles
Champion Champ
Name Mana
Annie 1
Fizz 1
Kennen 1
Teemo 1
Zoe 1
Ahri 2
Akshan 2
Diana 2
Elise 2
Lucian 2
Zilean 2
Aphelios 3
Azir 3
Caitlyn 3
Draven 3
Ezreal 3
Fiora 3
Irelia 3
Kalista 3
Katarina 3
LeBlanc 3
Lissandra 3
Lulu 3
Miss Fortune 3
Nami 3
Rek'Sai 3
Riven 3
Soraka 3
Tristana 3
Yuumi 3
Zed 3
Ziggs 3
Ashe 4
Bard 4
Braum 4
Ekko 4
Gnar 4
Illaoi 4
Jayce 4
Jhin 4
Jinx 4
Kindred 4
Leona 4
Maokai 4
Nocturne 4
Pantheon 4
Poppy 4
Pyke 4
Renekton 4
Rumble 4
Shen 4
Shyvana 4
Sivir 4
Tahm Kench 4
Taric 4
Twisted Fate 4
Veigar 4
Viktor 4
Xerath 4
Yasuo 4
Gangplank 5
Garen 5
Heimerdinger 5
Karma 5
Lee Sin 5
Lux 5
Quinn 5
Senna 5
Swain 5
Taliyah 5
Thresh 5
Trundle 5
Udyr 5
Vi 5
Viego 5
Vladimir 5
Anivia 6
Darius 6
Hecarim 6
Jarvan IV 6
Nasus 6
Sejuani 6
Galio 7
Malphite 7
Nautilus 7
Sion 7
Tryndamere 8
Aurelion Sol 10
Caustic Cask 0
Fading Memories 0
Feral Prescience 0
Pesky Specter 0
Poro Cannon 0
Production Surge 0
Ravenous Butcher 0
Rite of Calling 0
The List 0
Thermogenic Beam 0
Warning Shot 0
Absorb Soul 1
Adaptatron 3000 1
Advanced Intel 1
Affectionate Poro 1
Ancient Preparations 1
Armed Gearhead 1
Astute Academic 1
Baccai Reaper 1
Bandle Tellstones 1
Barkbeast 1
Battlefield Prowess 1
Bilgewater Tellstones 1
Blade Squire 1
Blade's Edge 1
Bloodbait 1
Bloodthirsty Marauder 1
Brittle Steel 1
Buried Sun Disc 1
Byrd, The Bellringer 1
Chain Vest 1
Chip 1
Cithria of Cloudfield 1
Cloud Stance 1
Concurrent Timelines 1
Construct of Desolation 1
Counterfeit Copies 1
Crackshot Corsair 1
Crawling Sensation 1
Crimson Bloodletter 1
Crusty Codger 1
Dancing Droplet 1
Daring Poro 1
Death Ray - Mk 1 1
Demacian Sentinel 1
Demacian Tellstones 1
Destined Poro 1
Dragon Chow 1
Draven's Biggest Fan 1
Dreg Dredgers 1
Dropboarder 1
Dunekeeper 1
Elixir of Iron 1
Elixir of Wrath 1
Exhaust 1
Fae Sprout 1
Fallen Feline 1
Fleetfeather Tracker 1
Flower Child 1
Forge Chief 1
Frightened Ibex 1
Frozen Thrall 1
Ghost 1
Gift Giver 1
Go Hard 1
Greenglade Caretaker 1
Group Shot 1
Guile 1
Hapless Aristocrat 1
Health Potion 1
Heavens Aligned 1
Hexplosive Minefield 1
Imagined Possibilities 1
Inspiring Mentor 1
Inventive Chemist 1
Ionian Tellstones 1
Jagged Butcher 1
Jailbreak 1
Jettison 1
Jury-Rig 1
Legion Rearguard 1
Legion Saboteur 1
Lonely Poro 1
Lunari Duskbringer 1
Mageseeker Conservator 1
Mark of the Isles 1
Messenger's Sigil 1
Mushroom Cloud 1
Navori Bladescout 1
Nimble Poro 1
Noxian Tellstones 1
Obelisk of Power 1
Oblivious Islander 1
Omen Hawk 1
Otterpus 1
Parrrley 1
Penitent Squire 1
Petricite Hound 1
Piltovan Tellstones 1
Pix! 1
Plucky Poro 1
Plunder Poro 1
Poison Dart 1
Pool Shark 1
Porofly 1
Precious Pet 1
Proto Poro 1
Prowling Cutthroat 1
Purpleberry Shake 1
Radiant Strike 1
Ranger's Resolve 1
Ravenbloom Conservatory 1
Ravenous Flock 1
Reborn Grenadier 1
Recall 1
Ripper's Bay 1
Rush 1
Saga Seeker 1
Sapling Toss 1
Scrapheap 1
Scrying Sands 1
Shadow Apprentice 1
Shadow Fiend 1
Shadow Isles Tellstones 1
Shakedown 1
Shaped Stone 1
Sharkling 1
Shellshocker 1
Shroud of Darkness 1
Shuriman Tellstones 1
Sinister Poro 1
Solari Soldier 1
Spacey Sketcher 1
Sparring Student 1
Spell Thief 1
Star Shepherd 1
Stinky Whump 1
Stoneweaving 1
Stress Testing 1
Stygian Onlooker 1
Targonian Tellstones 1
The Flight 1
The Mourned 1
The Wings and The Wave 1
Thrashing Snapper 1
Three Sisters 1
Treasure Seeker 1
Trinket Trade 1
Unscarred Reaver 1
Warden's Prey 1
Watchful Idol 1
Xer'sai Hatchling 1
Ye Been Warned 1
Yeti Yearling 1
Yordle Squire 1
Zaunite Urchin 1
Academy Prodigy 2
Ancestral Boon 2
Ancient Hourglass 2
Answered Prayer 2
Apprehend 2
Arachnoid Horror 2
Arena Battlecaster 2
Arena Bookie 2
Aspiring Chronomancer 2
Assistant Librarian 2
Avarosan Sentry 2
Ballistic Bot 2
Bandle Commando 2
Battlesmith 2
Behold the Infinite 2
Bitsy Lizard 2
Black Market Merchant 2
Black Rose Spy 2
Blastcone Seedling 2
Blinding Assault 2
Blood for Blood 2
Blue Sentinel 2
Bomber Twins 2
Bone Scryer 2
Bone Skewer 2
Boom Baboon 2
Boomcrew Rookie 2
Boxtopus 2
Brightsteel Protector 2
Brothers' Bond 2
Calculated Creations 2
Call the Pack 2
Called Shot 2
Careful Preparation 2
Caught in the Cold 2
Charm 2
Chempunk Pickpocket 2
Chirean Sumpworker 2
Claws of the Dragon 2
Clockwork Curator 2
Clump of Whumps 2
Conchologist 2
Confront 2
Coral Creatures 2
Crawling Viperwyrm 2
Crimson Aristocrat 2
Crimson Disciple 2
Cursed Keeper 2
Darkbulb Acolyte 2
Death Lotus 2
Discreet Invitation 2
Disintegrate 2
Dragonguard Lieutenant 2
Dreadway Deckhand 2
Durand Sculptor 2
Eager Apprentice 2
Ebb 2
Egghead Researcher 2
Electro Harpoon 2
Emperor's Dais 2
Entrapment 2
Entreat 2
Esmus, Breath of the World 2
Evershade Stalker 2
Eye of the Dragon 2
Faces of the Old Ones 2
Fading Icon 2
Fae Bladetwirler 2
Fallen Rider 2
Feral Mystic 2
Ferros Financier 2
Field Promotion 2
Fix-Em-Uppers 2
Flame Chompers! 2
Flamespitter 2
Fortune Croaker 2
Gifts From Beyond 2
Glimpse Beyond 2
Golden Narwhal 2
Grandfather Fae 2
Grave Physician 2
Greenglade Duo 2
Greenglade Lookout 2
Gruesome Theater 2
Grumbleslug 2
Guiding Touch 2
Gust Monk 2
Harbinger of Thralls 2
Haunted Relic 2
Herald of Dragons 2
Herald of Spring 2
Hibernating Rockbear 2
Hired Gun 2
Honored Lord 2
House Spider 2
Hunt the Weak 2
Icevale Archer 2
Imperial Demolitionist 2
Inner Beast 2
Insight of Ages 2
Inspiring Light 2
Intrepid Mariner 2
Iterative Improvement 2
Jagged Taskmaster 2
Keeper of Masks 2
Kelp Maidens 2
Ki Guardian 2
Lamb's Respite 2
Lead and Follow 2
Legion Drummer 2
Legion Grenadier 2
Line 'Em Up 2
Lunari Shadestalker 2
Mageseeker Persuader 2
Make it Rain 2
Marai Songstress 2
Marai Warden 2
Mask Mother 2
Minion 2
Mistwraith 2
Monkey Business 2
More Powder! 2
Mountain Goat 2
Mystic Shot 2
Mystic Vortex 2
Navori Conspirator 2
Navori Highwayman 2
Nopeify! 2
Obedient Drakehound 2
Onslaught of Shadows 2
Pale Cascade 2
Patched Porobot 2
Payday 2
Petricite Broadwing 2
Petricite Pillar 2
Pick a Card 2
Pokey Stick 2
Poro Herder 2
Preservarium 2
Prowling Projectile 2
Proximity Puffcap 2
Puffcap Pup 2
Purify 2
Quick Quill 2
Quicken 2
Redfin Hammersnout 2
Retreat 2
Ribbon Dancer 2
Rock Hopper 2
Rockfall Path 2
Ruinous Acolyte 2
Ruinous Path 2
Rummage 2
Runeweaver 2
Ruthless Predator 2
Ruthless Raider 2
Salt And Stitches 2
Scrapdash Assembly 2
Sea Scarab 2
Shared Spoils 2
Shark Chariot 2
Sharpsight 2
Shatter 2
Shield Vault 2
Silent Shadowseer 2
Single Combat 2
Sleepy Trouble Bubble 2
Snapjaw Swarm 2
Solari Shieldbearer 2
Solari Sunhawk 2
Song of the Isles 2
Sonic Wave 2
Soothsayer 2
Soul Shepherd 2
Sown Seeds 2
Spell Slinger 2
Squeaker 2
Stalking Wolf 2
Star Spring 2
Starbone 2
Starlit Seer 2
Starry Scamp 2
Startipped Peak 2
Startled Stomper 2
Steel Tempest 2
Sting Officer 2
Stirred Spirits 2
Stone Stackers 2
Stony Suppressor 2
Sumpworks Map 2
Sunblessed Vigor 2
Supercool Starchart 2
Syncopation 2
The Absolver 2
The Gray Apothecary 2
The Sky Shadows 2
The Stagehand 2
Thorny Toad 2
Time Trick 2
Time in a Bottle 2
Timewinder 2
Tornado Warrior 2
Trail of Evidence 2
Transfusion 2
Tricksy Tentacles 2
Trifarian Gloryseeker 2
Trifarian Hopeful 2
Troll Chant 2
Troll Gifts 2
Troll Scavenger 2
Tusk Speaker 2
Twin Disciplines 2
Twisted Catalyzer 2
Tyari the Traveler 2
Unspeakable Horror 2
Unto Dusk 2
Unworthy 2
Vanguard Defender 2
Vanguard Lookout 2
Veteran Investigator 2
Vile Feast 2
Vulpine Wanderer 2
Waking Sands 2
War Chefs 2
Weapon Hilt 2
Wharf Rat 2
Yordle Explorer 2
Yordle Smith 2
Young Witch 2
Against the Odds 3
Amateur Aeronaut 3
Ambush 3
Arachnoid Sentry 3
Arena Kingpin 3
Arise! 3
Assembly Bot 3
Avarosan Marksman 3
Avarosan Trapper 3
Babbling Balladeers 3
Bandle City Mayor 3
Bandle Painter 3
Bayou Brunch 3
Bilgerat Rascal 3
Black Spear 3
Blighted Caretaker 3
Boomship 3
Bouncing Bomb 3
Bubble Bear 3
Buhru Leader 3
Buhru Sentinel 3
Call the Wild 3
Camavoran Soldier 3
Cataclysm 3
Chamber of Renewal 3
Chief Nakotak 3
Crescent Guardian 3
Crimson Curator 3
Culling Strike 3
Darkwater Scourge 3
Dawnspeakers 3
Deadbloom Wanderer 3
Death Mark 3
Death's Hand 3
Desert Duel 3
Devoted Council 3
Divergent Paths 3
Doombeast 3
Double Trouble 3
Dragon Roost 3
Dragon's Clutch 3
Durand Architect 3
Durand Protege 3
Ember Maiden 3
Emerald Awakener 3
En Garde 3
Endless Devout 3
Esteemed Hierophant 3
Fae Aid 3
Flash Freeze 3
Flash of Brilliance 3
Fledgling Stellacorn 3
Frenzied Skitterer 3
Fresh Offerings 3
Fuzzy Caretaker 3
Get Excited! 3
Giddy Sparkleologist 3
Gleaming Lantern 3
Gluttony 3
God-Willow Seedling 3
Golden Crushbot 3
Grappling Hook 3
Greenfang Warden 3
Greenglade Elder 3
Haunted Tomb 3
Heroic Refrain 3
Hexcore Foundry 3
Hextech Handler 3
Hothead 3
Hunting Boar 3
Hush 3
Ice Shard 3
Inner Sanctum 3
Insider Knowledge 3
Iron Ballista 3
Iron Harbinger 3
Iula 3
Jaull Hunters 3
Journeying Sandhopper 3
Khahiri the Student 3
Kindly Tavernkeeper 3
Laurent Duelist 3
Laurent Protege 3
Legion Marauder 3
Lightning Rush 3
Loping Telescope 3
Lounging Lizard 3
Loyal Badgerbear 3
Lunari Priestess 3
Lure of the Depths 3
Mageseeker Investigator 3
Manasoul Student 3
Memory's Cloak 3
Mentor of the Stones 3
Merciless Hunter 3
Might 3
Might of the Vanguard 3
Mighty Poro 3
Mimic 3
Mist's Call 3
Mobilize 3
Monastery of Hirana 3
Monkey Idol 3
Mushroom Ring 3
Noble Rebel 3
Noxian Fervor 3
Noxian Guillotine 3
Nyandroid 3
Paddle Star 3
Paparo the Great 3
Parade Electrorig 3
Passage Unearned 3
Patrol Wardens 3
Petty Officer 3
Phantom Prankster 3
Pilfered Goods 3
Piltover Peacemaker 3
Pocket Aces 3
Pompous Cavalier 3
Poro Snax 3
Practical Perfectionist 3
Prismatic Barrier 3
Puffcap Peddler 3
Quicksand 3
Reckless Trifarian 3
Rimefang Wolf 3
Rising Spell Force 3
Rite of the Arcane 3
Rivershaper 3
Roar of the Slayer 3
Ruined Dragonguard 3
Sai Scout 3
Sap Magic 3
Scaled Snapper 3
Scales of the Dragon 3
Scarthane Steffen 3
Scorched Earth 3
Scribe of Sorrows 3
Senna, Sentinel of Light 3
Shadow Assassin 3
Shadowshift 3
Sharpened Resolve 3
Shield of Durand 3
Sigil of Malice 3
Sleight of Hand 3
Slotbot 3
Solari Priestess 3
Solari Sentinel 3
Solitary Monk 3
Soulspinner 3
Sparklefly 3
Spiral Stairs 3
Splinter Soul 3
Spoils of War 3
Spring Guardian 3
Stalking Shadows 3
Starlit Epiphany 3
Station Archivist 3
Strafing Strike 3
Stress Defense 3
Succession 3
Sump Dredger 3
Sump Fumes 3
Take Heart 3
Tall Tales 3
Tasty Faefolk 3
The Forge Of Tomorrow 3
The Grand Plaza 3
The Maker 3
The Prefect 3
The Scargrounds 3
The Sea's Voice 3
The Slaughter Docks 3
The Twisted Treeline 3
The Undying 3
Thorn of the Rose 3
Thunder Fist 3
Tidal Wave 3
Trevor Snoozebottom 3
Undergrowth 3
Unleashed Energy 3
Unraveled Earth 3
Used Cask Salesman 3
Vanguard Redeemer 3
Vanguard Sergeant 3
Vanguard Squire 3
Vault Breaker 3
Vekauran Vagabond 3
Vision 3
Volunteer Elnuk 3
Wallop 3
Waste Walker 3
We Stand Together 3
Whirling Death 3
Winds of War 3
Wish 3
Wizened Wizard 3
Woodland Keeper 3
Wounded Whiteflame 3
Wyrding Stones 3
Xenotype Researchers 3
Xer'Sai Caller 3
Yordle Newbie 3
Yordle Portal 3
Zenith Blade 3
Abyssal Guard 4
Aftershock 4
Aloof Travelers 4
Ancient Crocolith 4
Arena Promoter 4
Astral Fox 4
Astral Protection 4
Avalanche 4
Avarosan Outriders 4
Babbling Bjerg 4
Baccai Sandspinner 4
Back Alley Barkeep 4
Basilisk Rider 4
Bastion 4
Battle Bonds 4
Benemone 4
Blighted Ravine 4
Blinded Mystic 4
Bloodsworn Pledge 4
Bloody Business 4
Brash Gambler 4
Broadbacked Protector 4
Brutal Hunter 4
Bull Elnuk 4
Buster Shot 4
Callous Bonecrusher 4
Camavoran Dragon 4
Captive Greyback 4
Catalogue of Regrets 4
Chronicler of Ruin 4
Chum the Waters 4
Chump Whump 4
Citybreaker 4
Coastal Defender 4
Concussive Palm 4
Crimson Awakener 4
Crowd Favorite 4
Crystal Ibex 4
Defective Swapbot 4
Defiant Dance 4
Deny 4
Desert Naturalist 4
Desert's Wrath 4
Despair 4
Earth Elemental 4
Ember Monk 4
Eminent Benefactor 4
Encroaching Shadows 4
Fabled Poro 4
Fae Guide 4
Ferros Skycruiser 4
Field Musicians 4
Flurry of Fists 4
Friendship! 4
Funsmith 4
Fury of the North 4
Gallant Rider 4
Golden Aegis 4
Golden Ambassador 4
Gotcha! 4
Grizzled Ranger 4
Ground Slam 4
Gruff Grenadier 4
Harrowing Return 4
Homecoming 4
Hunting Fleet 4
Insightful Investigator 4
Island Navigator 4
Justice Rider 4
Kinkou Lifeblade 4
Kinkou Wayfinder 4
Kinkou's Call 4
Laurent Bladekeeper 4
Laurent Chevalier 4
Lecturing Yordle 4
Legion Veteran 4
Loaded Dice 4
Lost Riches 4
Mageseeker Inciter 4
Marai Greatmother 4
Megatusk 4
Mountain Scryer 4
Murkwolf Shaman 4
Mystifying Magician 4
Pathless Ancient 4
Petricite Stag 4
Playful Trickster 4
Powder Pandemonium 4
Primal Strength 4
Professor von Yipp 4
Profiteer 4
Promising Future 4
Rainbowfish 4
Relentless Pursuit 4
Ren Shadowblade 4
Riposte 4
Riptide 4
Risen Mists 4
Rite of Dominance 4
Rite of Negation 4
Ruined Reckoner 4
Salt Spire 4
Salvage 4
Sandcrafter 4
Scholarly Climber 4
Shady Character 4
Shards of the Mountain 4
Shiraza the Blade 4
Shrieking Spinner 4
Silverwing Scout 4
Silverwing Vanguard 4
Solari Sunforger 4
Spirit Leech 4
Spirit Portal 4
Spirit's Refuge 4
Stand Alone 4
Stargazer 4
Statikk Shock 4
Stilted Robemaker 4
Strategic Execution 4
Succumb to the Cold 4
Suit Up! 4
Sumpsnipe Scavenger 4
Swiftwing Flight 4
Swole Scout 4
Swole Squirrel 4
Teenydactyl 4
Tenor of Terror 4
Tentacle Smash 4
The Bandle Tree 4
The Beast Below 4
The Box 4
The Fangs 4
The Lady of Blood 4
The Veiled Temple 4
Thorned Blade 4
Transposition 4
Troll Ravager 4
Vanguard Bannerman 4
Vanguard Firstblade 4
Vekauran Safecracker 4
Voice of the Risen 4
Watcher on the Isles 4
Weight of Judgment 4
Whimsy! 4
Whispered Words 4
Whiteflame Protector 4
Will of Ionia 4
Wolfrider 4
Wraithcaller 4
Yordle Captain 4
Yordle Grifter 4
Zap Sprayfin 4
Abyssal Eye 5
Ancient Warmonger 5
Arachnoid Host 5
Avarosan Hearthguard 5
Baccai Witherclaw 5
Blessing of Targon 5
Blood in the Water 5
Blossoming Blade 5
Buhru Lookout 5
Catalyst of Aeons 5
Celestial Wonder 5
Chempunk Shredder 5
Cold Resistance 5
Concerted Strike 5
Cosmic Binding 5
Coup de Grace 5
Crumble 5
Decimate 5
Decisive Maneuver 5
Deep Meditation 5
Detain 5
Double Up 5
Dragon Ambush 5
Draklorn Inquisitor 5
Duskrider 5
Entomb 5
Ethereal Remitter 5
Event Horizon 5
Eye of Nagakabouros 5
Eye of the Ra-Horak 5
Fallen Reckoner 5
Fleet Admiral Shelly 5
Freed Colossus 5
Fused Firebrand 5
Go Get It 5
Grasp of the Undying 5
Greathorn Companion 5
Herald of the Magus 5
Heroic Charge 5
Intimidating Roar 5
Jack, the Winner 5
Jeweled Protector 5
Kato The Arm 5
Legion Deserter 5
Legion General 5
Mechanized Mimic 5
Midenstokke Henchmen 5
Mistkeepers 5
Moondreamer 5
Moonlight Affliction 5
Morning Light 5
Most Wanted 5
Mountain Drake 5
Mountain Sojourners 5
Neverglade Collector 5
Nine Lives 5
Noxkraya Arena 5
Officer Squad 5
Out Of The Way 5
Papercraft Dragon 5
Poro Sled 5
Possession 5
Preservationist 5
Purrsuit of Perfection 5
Radiant Guardian 5
Rahvun, Daylight's Spear 5
Rampaging Baccai 5
Razorscale Hunter 5
Reaver's Row 5
Resplendent Stellacorn 5
Retired Reckoner 5
Rimetusk Shaman 5
Rissu, The Silent Storm 5
Rocket Barrage 5
Ruin Runner 5
Ruined Rex 5
Sandseer 5
Sandswept Tomb 5
Scarmaiden Reaver 5
Screeching Dragon 5
Shadows of the Past 5
Shell Game 5
Shunpo 5
Siphoning Strike 5
Slippery Waverider 5
Sneaky Zeebles 5
Spirit Journey 5
Spirits Unleashed 5
Spotted Toad 5
Starshaping 5
Storm of Blades 5
Subpurrsible 5
Survival Skills 5
Swiftwing Lancer 5
Tail-Cloak Matriarch 5
Targon's Peak 5
Tarkaz the Tribeless 5
The Cloven Way 5
The Time Has Come 5
The University of Piltover 5
Tortured Prodigy 5
Tri-beam Improbulator 5
Trifarian Assessor 5
Trifarian Shieldbreaker 5
Troop of Elnuks 5
Unstable Voltician 5
Ursine Spiritwalker 5
Vanguard Cavalry 5
Vaults of Helia 5
Vekauran Bruiser 5
Wild Claws 5
Withering Mist 5
Withering Wail 5
Wrathful Rider 5
Xerxa'reth, The Undertitan 5
Yordle Contraption 5
Yordles in Arms 5
Yusari 5
Alpha Wildclaw 6
Ardent Tracker 6
Arena Mechacaster 6
Armored Tuskrider 6
Arrel the Tracker 6
Ascended's Rise 6
Assembly Line 6
Augmented Experimenter 6
Augur of the Old Ones 6
Aurok Glinthorn 6
Aurora Porealis 6
Ava Achiever 6
Avatar of the Tides 6
Back to Back 6
Battering Ram 6
Brood Awakening 6
Camphor, the Doubt 6
Celestial Trifecta 6
Chief Mechanist Zevi 6
Cithria the Bold 6
Citrus Courier 6
Cloud Drinker 6
Consult the Heavens 6
Corina, Mastermind 6
Curious Shellfolk 6
Cygnus the Moonstalker 6
Dawn and Dusk 6
Devourer of the Depths 6
Double Tap 6
Dragonguard Lookout 6
For Demacia! 6
For Glory! 6
Genevieve Elmheart 6
Harsh Winds 6
Heart of the Fluft 6
Hextech Anomaly 6
Hextech Transmogulator 6
Hidden Pathways 6
Horns of the Dragon 6
Hyara Allseer 6
Iceborn Legacy 6
Inspiring Marshal 6
Inviolus Vox 6
Ixtali Sentinel 6
Jae Medarda 6
Kadregrin the Ruined 6
Keeper's Verdict 6
Khahiri the Returned 6
Lord Broadmane 6
Maduli, The Gatekeeper 6
Mammoth Shaman 6
Minimorph 6
Minotaur Reckoner 6
Molten Breath 6
Monster Harpoon 6
Piercing Darkness 6
Reckoning 6
Redoubled Valor 6
Remembrance 6
Revna, the Lorekeeper 6
Ricochet 6
Rimefang Denmother 6
Risen Altar 6
Safety Inspector 6
Sai'nen Thousand-Tailed 6
Sands of Time 6
Scarmother Vrynna 6
Scattered Pod 6
Shadow Flare 6
Shaman's Call 6
Sheriff Lariette Rose 6
Shifting Sands 6
Shock Blast 6
Soulgorger 6
Stand United 6
Stonebreaker 6
Strong-arm 6
Sun Guardian 6
Sunburst 6
The Howling Abyss 6
Towering Stonehorn 6
Unlicensed Innovation 6
Vengeance 6
Wiggly Burblefish 6
Windsinger 6
Wise Fry 6
Xer'sai Dunebreaker 6
Yordle Ranger 6
Zephyr Sage 6
Albus Ferros 7
Ancient Yeti 7
Atrocity 7
Basilisk Bloodseeker 7
Boomerang Blade 7
Chronoshift 7
Dawning Shadow 7
Dragon's Rage 7
Eclipse Dragon 7
Emperor's Divide 7
Furious Faefolk 7
Icy Yeti 7
Invasive Hydravine 7
King Jarvan III 7
Mega Inferno Bomb 7
Mind Meld 7
Minitee 7
Overgrown Snapvine 7
Pack Mentality 7
Raz Bloodmane 7
Revitalizing Roar 7
Ritual of Renewal 7
Sacred Protector 7
Savage Reckoner 7
Scrapshot 7
Servitude of Desolation 7
Shark Trainer 7
Shipwreck Hoarder 7
Smooth Soloist 7
Spirit Fire 7
Sputtering Songspinner 7
Stalking Broodmother 7
The Empyrean 7
The Etherfiend 7
The Rekindler 7
The Syren 7
The Winding Light 7
They Who Endure 7
Thrumming Swarm 7
Trueshot Barrage 7
Vanguard's Edge 7
Windfarer Hatchling 7
Wings of the Cryophoenix 7
Winter's Breath 7
Yone, Windchaser 7
Abominable Guardian 8
Bandle Gunners 8
Battle Fury 8
Captain Arrika 8
Captain Farron 8
Children of the Forest 8
Dess & Ada 8
Destiny's Call 8
For The Fallen 8
Give It All 8
Grandfather Rumul 8
Icequake 8
Incisive Tactician 8
It That Stares 8
Jaull-fish 8
Judgment 8
Lost Soul 8