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Runeterra Deck: Azir's Empire

By Kenny2202 | Updated October 6th, 2022
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Kenny2202 October 6th, 2022
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Avg. Mana Cost: 3 Shard Cost: 13,200
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Deck Details & Information
This is not a definitive version of the deck. It could certainly use some changes here and there

Your goal with this deck is to survive, level up your champions and restore the disc. This deck in particular is very weak on early game but as game progresses it becomes more and more viable until it becomes unstoppable once you restore the disc.

Shurima doesn't have a lot of "draw" effect cards so you want every draw to count.

That's why the first 4 cards you want to have are the ones that let you predict, once you predict you should aim for Golden Ambassador, another predict card, or a 1 or 2 mana cost spell like ruinous path or time in a bottle. If you're extremely unlucky and didn't get a single predict card on your first 5 cards then you'll have to survive until you do, though this has never happened to me until now.


Your flagship is Azir, he is the key to your victory, without him the imperial deck won't activate and you'll miss the juicy cards that it holds therefore he needs to survive in order to truly become unstoppable, so I don't recommend to play him unless you check these 2 conditions:

-Azir's been buffed (through either Golden Ambassador, Siphoning Strike or Xenotype Researcher)

-You are sure your enemy doesn't have any strong damage dealing spells/units/effects at least in the short term

Don't drop Azir on the battlefield unless you have to, he does well staying behind lines and you don't need to attack with him in order to get his effects, again, he needs to live until the disc is restored, after that it doesn't really matter what happens to him.

Azir gets a really good sinergy with the Emperor's Dais and the Sandcrafter, not only does it give you 3 free Sand Soldiers everytime you attack but it accelerates the leveling up process.


If Azir is the ship, Nasus is the cannons aboard the ship, he is the one card that summarizes your deck, he is extremely weak early and becomes unstoppable as the game goes on.

Nasus is a game changing card, you need to play him carefully in order the change the tide of battle in your favor

This is why you should only play Nasus if you check the following:

-Nasus has at least 6 power and 6 health through any means necessary (Slaying enemies in battle, Golden Ambassador, Siphoning Strike or Xenotype Researcher)

Once Nasus is in play your entire game revolves around him, protect him, buff him, and when you attack put him on the right side of the battlefield since the attacks begin on the left side and any enemy killed during the battle will still buff Nasus, his effect is always active even if he's in your deck or hand.

Nasus levels up when he DEALS 10 or more damage to enemies or Nexus, not when he gets to be 10/10

Nasus has a great sinergy with spells like siphoning strike and boomerang blade. Quicksand, desert duel and scrying sands also help a lot with Nasus since he's gonna become your enemies #1 target, rite of negation is also a good choice to null any spells that would kill Nasus.

Another combos I found useful

A chain of predicts, literally just predict once every round to get a card that will help on the short term

"Arise" is a defensive card, not an offensive one, arise let's you summon a sand soldiers and creates a fleeting copy of itself, it's really useful in all stances of the game since you can spawn sand soldiers until you run out of mana.

Shifting Sands is a mixed card, I found it useful both in defense (tho in late game) and on offense, I would say it's better on mate game as an offensive card. Treat it as you see fit.

There are definitely cards that aren't a must like voice of the risen, clockwork curator and the preservarium, if you don't find them useful just change it for something you feel will fit better.

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Drossi's Avatar
Drossi Posted: October 6th, 2022 | 10:31 AM
Great deck! I like it.
Kenny2202's Avatar
Kenny2202 Posted: October 6th, 2022 | 10:16 AM
It seems the deck hasn't fully loaded as nasus is missing. Just add 1 or 2 copies os him
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