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Runeterra Deck: Bye Bye Beutiful

By BKtorce | Updated April 27th, 2020
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BKtorce April 27th, 2020
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16 12 8 4 0
Avg. Mana Cost: 3.95 Shard Cost: 17,900
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0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
16 12 8 4 0


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Akira's Avatar
Akira Posted: June 18th, 2020 | 1:51 PM
Pure Yasuo deck. If your Yasuo dies, you lose. Simple like that.
Chakawaka's Avatar
Chakawaka Posted: May 25th, 2020 | 4:21 AM
this deck feels so incredibly slow. kinda not liking it
cavegoll's Avatar
cavegoll Posted: May 10th, 2020 | 5:17 PM
Been using this deck for the last few days. Although its pretty cool ive been having issues in higher ranks since its early game is pretty weak and it tends to brick a lot.
That said still pretty fun to play
Judas Blewit's Avatar
Judas Blewit Posted: May 19th, 2020 | 1:36 PM
I'm not even higher rank and it's hard to win. Seems like every deck had kill enemy unit right when I finally pull a Yas they kill him and Everytime I don't have silence. Annoying af.
Chakawaka's Avatar
Chakawaka Posted: May 25th, 2020 | 4:21 AM
same problem here
ManaWar's Avatar
ManaWar Posted: May 7th, 2020 | 2:14 PM
Hi! Very good deck :) Slightly changed the deck for yourself

Can the name of the deck be a reference to the song Nightwish? :)
ArtMadOil's Avatar
ArtMadOil Posted: May 7th, 2020 | 6:42 AM
Hey guys, im having some trouble dealing with aggressive decks, what you guys recommended me to do? Also, it's a very fun deck to play but I really am tired of not knowing to do against Elise or jinx and draven decks.
CelestialTiefling's Avatar
CelestialTiefling Posted: May 4th, 2020 | 2:33 PM
I disagree with three minotaurs, since the effect doesn't stack it's more or less two wasted cards. Drawing him isn't even much of a power move either since more then likely they'll just target Yasuo and body block Minotaur. He just doesn't generate pressure. Otherwise a solid deck.
Patolloggy's Avatar
Patolloggy Posted: May 11th, 2020 | 7:48 AM
it does. i tried and 2 minotaur stun 2 enemy if first die after yasuo strike
karllin's Avatar
karllin Posted: May 5th, 2020 | 6:36 PM
They stack alright. The 2nd Minotaur will stun the next weakest.
FiresFrost's Avatar
FiresFrost Posted: May 5th, 2020 | 5:00 AM
Are you completely sure about multiple Minotaur Reckoners' effect not stacking? I am not, but I can tell you that multiple Rimetusk Shamans' effects (which are quite similar) do stack.
lucky_sandhu's Avatar
lucky_sandhu Posted: May 6th, 2020 | 8:58 AM
I'm using this deck and they stack 100%. If there are 3 minatours, 3 enemies would get stunned. And they are great for increasing your stun count
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