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Runeterra Deck: Corina Timelines

By eternal0paradox | Updated July 2nd, 2021
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eternal0paradox July 2nd, 2021
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Avg. Mana Cost: 3.18 Shard Cost: 30,600
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Deck Details & Information
This is a fun deck that I've optimizamed in the first few days of the Rise of the Underworld and I want to share

So deck tech: This is a deck control deck that shoots to get value out of Concurrent Timelines with cards with weak bodies for it's cost

Thermogenic Bean and Mystic Shoot are spells used for controlling the board

Go Hard is mainly to create more spells in the deck for Corina. You're not shooting to turn it into Pack Your Bags, but it's a nice board wipe

Concurrent Timelines is the star of the deck, since it combos with Spirit Leech, Rekindler and Corina. The extra copies can be targets for Rummage or be consumed by Corina

Fallen Feline is a source of AoE, creating Hexite Crystal, but later can be a target for Rummage, Glympse Beyond or Spirit Leech. Since predictions shuffle the deck, Hexite Crystal can be drawed normally, which is good for a deck with few predicts

Time Trick and Practical Perfeccionist are the only predict cards in the deck, since Ekko is bad in a deck with few predicts. Time Trick is good to try to fish that card that you need, while Practical Perfeccionist is good for creating more spells for Corina. Practional Perfectionist can be turned into a 3/3, 4/3 or 3/4 with Concurrent Timelines

Kindred is a control engine, slowly destroying the opponent's board while you control the match. If she dies, don't worry, Rekindler will bring her back later

Heimer is an interesting inclusion, cause he is here to cover a weakness this deck had: lack of targets for Glympse Beyond and Spirit Leech. Play him with spell mana and a fast or burst speed spell to garanty a turret. Turrets can always be turned into Ravenous Butcher (since there are only three 0 cost units) and can be used to chump block

Rummage, Glympse Beyond and Spirit Leech are the main draw cards of the deck. Rumage is good for replecing cards that don't bring much value at a certain point of the match, like extra copies of Concurrent Timelines, Thermogenic beam, Fallen Feline, Time Trick (for the same cost draws 2), Heimer's turrets. Glympse Beyond is good for Heimer's turrets, a damaged unit or to avoid the opponent get's value for killing your units. The same goes for Spirit Leech, but it can't disrupt the opponent and it's best played when Concurrent Timelins is active

Finally, Rekindler and Corina should be only played after Concurrent Timelines was played, since respawning Kindred and getting a 6/6 or doing a 4 AoE damage and getting Brightsteel Formation or Ledros or Kadegrin (yes, Corina AoE is very consistent in this deck and the lack of 9 drops makes one of those 3 options appear a lot) is a huge value play

When muligan, hard muligan for Concurrent Timelines, leaving Fallen Feline or Mystic Shot on the opening hand

I hope you guys have fun playing this deck and any suggestions are welcome

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Nerf teemo's Avatar
Nerf teemo Posted: November 24th, 2021 | 4:51 AM
u know how to counter zed poopy?
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