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Runeterra Deck: Dancing with the Sands (Azir Irelia)

By King Kirbilogus Toadstool | Updated February 4th, 2022
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King Kirbilogus Toadstool February 4th, 2022
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Deck Details & Information
Hello there. This is King Kirbilogus (Whom first had an appearance on MOBAFire before joining RuneterraFire), and today, I will be showing everyone my Irelia Azir deck. For those of you who are wondering, I am an Irelia main in League of Legends (My Irelia Top guide will be coming in the future) and this has inspired me to make this deck showcasing Irelia Azir from MY PoV. So without further ado, here comes the punchline.

This deck is a Combo deck that focuses on summoning Sand Soldiers and using the Blade Dance technique to make stunning combos and maybe give Control decks a hard time. For mulliganing, I would have a 1-drop, an Emperor's Dais, another 2-Drop (Besides Emperor's Dais, and a Champion.

These are the key cards to keep in mind:
I. Azir - He should be pretty easy to level up early since he summons a Sand Soldier that attacks with your attacking allies. Summon at least XIII units, and you will level him up to Level II.
II. Irelia - She creates a Flawless Duet when you play her (or have her in play at the next Round Start) and have the attack token. The key to leveling her up is to attack with at least XIV allies, and once she levels up, you'll gain the ability to use Bladesurge to make stunning plays. Just… don't kill her.
III. Emperor's Dais - This Landmark summons an attacking Sand Soldier when allies attack. It's surprisingly a great key to victory when you clear the enemy's Board.
IV. Sparring Student/Greenglade Duo/Costal Defender + Vanguard's Edge - When you have a Vanguard's Edge, the Sparring Student can really pack a punch with his increased stats. Same goes for the Greenglade Due and Costal Defender if you have them.
V. Deny - Great for fending off Control decks with high spellcasting potential. Even against the strongest of spells (Aside from Burst or Focus spells), Deny can really do a number on your enemies.
VI. Emperor's Divide: Should a game turn out of favor, then Emperor's Divide can do a number on the enemy's blockers and possibly win you a close game. (But it won't work if the enemy Nexus is 13 Health or higher)

Keep in mind that some decks can counter Irelia Azir, So I'll name a few:

I. Team Dragon, Shyvana and Aurelion Sol (and maybe Zoe) — This will probably be the biggest threat against Irelia Azir. First, the fact that the keyword Fury empowers surviving Dragons can be a very deadly mistake to come across, because the more units you have attacking (or blocking), the more powerful the Dragons will become. This is why I highly recommend avoiding this combo if you encounter it.

II. Crimson Treatment, Vladimir and Braum — because most of your damage comes from the Sand Soldiers and Blades, this team can be very, very dangerous if you just sit there and send your soldiers and blades to do the dirty work. Take caution when Vladimir attacks with the others, as this can wipe out your whole team.

III. Burning Azir, (feat. Darius) — Because your units have very low defense, Azir Burn can mean Aggro-vation for your team. Take their raw power into consideration and try to stop their assault with your weakest units available to prevent your Nexus from getting destroyed.

And I think I'll stop there for now, updates will be coming in the future, so stay notified.


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