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Runeterra Deck: Deep Dive

By LukeStar | Updated December 29th, 2020
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LukeStar December 29th, 2020
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Avg. Mana Cost: 3.85 Shard Cost: 32,400
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Deck Details & Information
This is my Deep deck that I have been optimizing for some time now. The addition of Slaughter Docks allows for a Sea Monster on the board before Nautilus, without having to spend its mana cost. Keep the Landmark on your opening hand unless you are facing Aggo. Here are a few changes that you can do in the deck if youd don't like some of the cards:

You can remove:
- Thorny Toad
- Vile Feast

You can add:
- Unspeakable Horror
- Grasp of the Undying
- Riptide

FAQ: Why no Lure of the Depths?
> Lure is a great card agains greedy Control/Late-game decks, the problem is if you face any Aggo/Burn match-up, you just lose too much momentum and you will probably be dead before you can play any Sea Mosters discounted by this card.

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AlphatronxX's Avatar
AlphatronxX Posted: January 13th, 2021 | 6:02 AM
that is very similar to the deck I run, I would trade atrocity for vengeance , it costs 1 more but it's so much more reliable, and maybe taking 1 vile feast to put a ruination, just so you can have a safe net against some aggros
Viral Pandemic's Avatar
Viral Pandemic Posted: January 12th, 2021 | 12:38 PM
This is a terrible deck. I have played it and lost six times in a row. It is too slow to develop so opponents have their way with you with any champion that either picks off weaker units or builds up units or buffs while this deck wastes time with weak units and tossing
Fortito Gamer's Avatar
Fortito Gamer Posted: January 12th, 2021 | 2:59 AM
Great deck, I already have a very similar deck of sea monsters but I liked this one more
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