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Runeterra Deck: Dragons Have No Remorse

By Mathyous | Updated July 18th, 2021
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Mathyous July 18th, 2021
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
16 12 8 4 0
Avg. Mana Cost: 4.18 Shard Cost: 29,700
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0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
16 12 8 4 0


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Deck Details & Information
Champion Synergy & Breakdown:
*Shyvana: Core. Failure to get her established or on field will more or less spell defeat. Get her on field, level her up, immortalize her and then bully anything your opponent puts down.

*Jarvan: Synergizes extremely well with Shyvana playstyle. You will always be trading blows with dragons so Jarvan will level up very quickly. If he is on field as lvl 2, the fleeting cataclysm every turn is huge for additional target removal and threat clear. Since it also counts as an "attack" Shyvana will activate her passive (+1+1 or +2+2 (and strafing strike))

*Aurelion Sol: A cherry on the top mostly. If the game gets to turn 10 he is your final "big" swing and can keep you scaling well past round 10.

Ideal Hand Start:
Shyvana, Dragon Chow, Herald of Dragons with a revolving 4th card. (can be any option of spells for countering early aggression) Though pulling an Unyielding spirit here is also very good for making your Shyvana immortal as early as turn 5 with proper use of mana.

*Dragon's Clutch: If you see this in your starting hand instead of shyvana keep this as it is basically a guaranteed Shyvana pick when you use this spell. This is due to the low number of unique dragons in this deck (there are only 3). Math: 60% (3/5) chance on first draw and if not drawn on first pull (3/4) is 75% on second draw.

*Sharpsight: Huge at sneaky blocking with Dragon chow 0/3=>2/5. Sharp sight is insanely good for the cost.

*Egghead Researcher: Solid early defender with the added benefit of giving you a random dragon in your hand. Helps fill the empty turn 2 gap you might otherwise have.

First few turns:
Play defensively and conserve mana. Play your dragon chow/herald/researcher and wait for your shyvana play. This deck shines turns 4 and onward.

Turn 4+: Establish your shyvana onto the board. If in ideal conditions you will proc anywhere from 1 to 2 dragons chows and level her up with a single attack that turn. Lvl 2 shyvana is very powerful the enemy knows this.

At this point you want to look for ways to ensure your shyvana stays on board through the clever use of spells like cataclysm, sharpsight, concerted strike, strafing strike, and molten breath. Judgment x2 is in this deck to prevent swarming. She will gain fury for every enemy killed so a single 6 man swing on judgement completely break your opponent. +6+6 (or +12+12 with a ruined dragon guard present) is no joke. As soon as you're able to use unyielding spirit, do so on her to ensure she won't be removed from play anything short of Oblivion/Remove from Game spells. (most of these are in celestial) Unyielding spirit blocks any kill effect as well as damage. Silence/whimsy being its only weakness. Most meta decks however, aren't running these spells right now so you wont have to run into these often.

Unique mechanics and card combos: Spiral stairs and Zenith blade are present in this deck to provide shyvana overwhelm (though the +3+2 and +1+2 are always appreciated). Overwhelm is the main weakness for a "single" entity focused deck but all of that changes when you put overwhelm on her. Any blocker can be immediately hit with shyvana's Attack activated "strafing strike" and the blocker is removed, (not blue outlined) and she will continue with her attack as if she was never blocked in the first place.

Cherries on top: Cithria and Aurelion are in here mostly as cherries on top to ensure that should the game reach 10+ rounds, you will continue to scale. Dropping Citheria onto an already fed shyvana doubling her stats is insane. I've reached upwards of a 40/40 Shyvana before the opponent immediately surrendered.

Casually play on my phone but consistently get to gold without any major hiccups. Let me know what you guys think and how you like it!

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Mathyous's Avatar
Mathyous Posted: July 19th, 2021 | 2:14 PM
Update to some specific weaknesses:

Tahm Kench: Bayou brunch capture is hard to work around

Ionia: recall skills bypass and undo all of your entrenching. Be careful when dealing with ionia decks.
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