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Runeterra Deck: Gluttony combo

By Evanzyker | Updated March 24th, 2022
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Evanzyker March 24th, 2022
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Avg. Mana Cost: 4.1 Shard Cost: 25,700
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0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
16 12 8 4 0


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Deck Details & Information
This deck revolves around Gluttony and cheating out Cithria, Lady of Clouds on turn 8 with a board of The Undying and lifesteal units.

This deck has a lot of combos, those are the stronger ones and the reasons to play the deck imo:
- saving 3 spell mana on T1 and T2 then on T3 you play The Undying->Gluttony on it->summon Ancient Crocolith (or Grizzled Ranger)
- Gluttony on Grizzled Ranger will always give you an activated Radiant Guardian (very clutch against burn decks, especially since you also run 3 single combats)
- Spectral Matron on T8 summoning Cithria, Lady of Clouds. Even standalone that gives you a 10/10 ephemeral challenger and a 12/12 FEARSOME challenger. If you happen to have some lifesteal units it's very often instantly game-winning.
- Eating Darkwater Scourgewith Mask Mother gives you a 7/7 FEARSOME lifesteal unit, as early as T5. If you use Sharpsight on the Scourge before eating it the +2/+2 is permanent. (Bonus point: it can level up Kalista and then you resummon another Scourge on attack with her since it's usually your highest attack unit that died at this point).
-Gluttony on Commander Ledros will always summon a Cithria, Lady of the Clouds which can be surprisingly efficient and no one expect that if you didn't play Matron or Cithria beforehand.

This deck has very few spells (2x Glimpse Beyond, 3x Sharpsight, 3x Single Combat and 3x Gluttony) and therefore must be used in the most optimal way possible.
Best case scenario for spells:
- Sharpsight on a lifesteal unit (the best one is Darkwater Scourge since it's cheap and has a lot of stats) that you then eat with Mask Mother (so the +2/+2 becomes permanent).
- Single Combat on a lifesteal unit to proc twice the healing during combat phase is quite often game-winning for you.
- Already said but Gluttony on Grizzled Ranger giving you an activated Radiant Guardian is clutch against aggro decks. Never forget about this combo.

Flex spots:
-I can see the Glimpse beyong being changed to Stalking Shadows.
- One Ledros could be cut for more early game like Blighted Caretaker or replaced with The Harrowing for a different kind of late game finisher.
- The ratio between Ancient Crocolith and Grizzled Ranger is tricky since you want enough of the first one to maximize your chances of getting the crocs with Gluttony but you need enough rangers in order to be able to Gluttony it into activated Radiant Guardian.

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Gloomen's Avatar
Gloomen Posted: April 15th, 2022 | 7:21 AM
I just tried this deck and it's really fun when the combo works but very hard to play if you're a little unlucky with draws.

I've found that replacing kalista with Kindred improves the gameplay a lot since kalista seems more of an aggressive champion and your goal should be delaying and controlling the game until you can get a good combo off.

Other than that darkwater scourge doesn't seem that good in this deck but I havent figured out what to replace it with yet.

Edit: I replaced mask mother with fading icon and dark water scourge with one extra glimpse beyond, ranger/croc, and undying. It's made the deck much more consistent.
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