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Runeterra Deck: Kindreds Target Rich Environment

By Artless | Updated April 3rd, 2023
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Artless April 3rd, 2023
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
16 12 8 4 0
Avg. Mana Cost: 2.9 Shard Cost: 26,900
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Mana Cost

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
16 12 8 4 0


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Deal First Hand
Deck Details & Information
Decks main strategy revolves around killing key enemy units with low cost spells and kindreds passive.

Optimal starting hand includes...

1 Last breath card (First Wave OK/ Hapless Aristocrat Optimal)
1 offensive spell (Quietus/Hate Spike)
1 Kill card (Tellstones/Vengeance)
1 draw card (Glimpse beyond/Ceaseless Sentry)

Early game Strat:
Minimize nexus damage by either using hate spikes to kill early enemy units or blocking with ceaseless sentries or hapless aristocrats. Sneak in a glimpse beyond whenever you can get away wtih it. Many early game champions can be killed with either a quietus or hate spike. Prioritize starting with these cards if the enemy is an early game snowballer. Prepare for round 4 by having having a bruner 1 cost unit, a kill spell, and at least two spell mana in reserve.

Round 4:
Most important round. Ideally you want to play a Kindred with 2/3 spell mana AND a glimpse beyond/Hate spike in reserve. Kindred will most likey get insta-sniped as soon as you play her, that's ok. Make sure you get something out of her death by killing her with a hate spike or glimpse beyond. If she survives the summoning use the spell mana to kill one of your own units to begin the slaughter. From now on, always have a burner 1 cost unit or The Undying to kill and trigger Kindreds card effects.

Post round 4:
Best part of the game. From here on out you can use a kill card every single round. And you should have plenty, sneaking in a glimpse beyond/Spirit leech whenever you can get away with it will keep your hand full and your options open.

tellstone/crumble combo - 5 mana
Vengeance - 6 mana
Dawning Shadow - 7 mana
Rhasa - 8 mana
Ruination - 9 mana

Having a Senna or a Kindred on the board while using these cards will let you double/triple dip on card effects every time you kill a unit.

Sneaky Interactions
A Tellstone can stop kindred from dying to a spell if you have at least 6 mana.
Crumble turns into a fast spell if Senna is in play.
Blocking with a unit and killing it with a fast spell will stop the attacker.
On round 8, you can trigger Rasha's play effect yourself if have hate spike/glimpse/quietus in hand and some spell mana

EDIT - 1:
Passage Unearned
x1 Cursed Keeper
x1 Senna

x3 Mist Call
x1 Rekindler

In the current meta is too difficult for champions to survive thier summoning. So I added 4 cheeky revive cards so you can be more aggressive when summoning kindred. Plus with the rekindler tossed in, it is possible to use kindreds spirit journey to revive/resummon him to place multiple kindreds on the borad.

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