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Runeterra Deck: mono shurima

By anchifomu | Updated September 21st, 2022
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anchifomu September 21st, 2022
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16 12 8 4 0
Avg. Mana Cost: 2.43 Shard Cost: 26,000
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0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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Kenny2202's Avatar
Kenny2202 Posted: October 25th, 2022 | 4:36 PM
A very good deck. In my opinion I found Desert Naturalist to be a better addition than clockwork curator since it provides 3 summons for Azir's level up and 1 landmark destruction for Xerath if played with endless devout, that's a whooping 1/4 level up progress for both champions in a single move
anchifomu's Avatar
anchifomu Posted: September 21st, 2022 | 11:14 AM
currently rocking a 77% wr in plat. am currently 13-4. if anyone has any questions please ask
Cuchillo's Avatar
Cuchillo Posted: September 22nd, 2022 | 1:48 PM
I feel like not running rite of arcane is kind and of a shame
Is cutting clockwork curator and a soothsayer a good idea in your opinion ?
anchifomu's Avatar
anchifomu Posted: September 23rd, 2022 | 3:41 PM
i think clockwork curator is good cos it means you get to level sundisc early by 2 turns. it has peronally won me some games. maybe cutting it down to 1 and removing a soothsayer for rite of the arcane would be decent but against current meta decks this deck as is performs very well except against pirate aggro. but kindred nasus and viego decks you beat through unravelled earth procs and the fact obliterate destroys equipment and doesnr count as kill for slay effects or kill effects (viego,nasus,kindred) means level 3 xerath wins games vs almkst every deck in the meta right now. rite of the arcane would be good to use on the endless devout landmark for xerath procs but generally you can just draw another xerath with predicts and draw a champ cards. if you really want to run it though i would cut 1 clockwork and 1 soothsayer and run 2 rite of arcane
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