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Runeterra Deck: Sea Gems

By Ash92 | Updated July 27th, 2021
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Ash92 July 27th, 2021
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Avg. Mana Cost: 2.85 Shard Cost: 32,500
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Deck Details & Information
A fun take on Pyke with 2 win conditions:

Pyke is the obvious choice which is why Bastion is here, however should he be removed after buffs
the game can easily be saved and redirected into Fizz, the stats gains can be still have its value with Skewer.
A levelled up Pyke is huge threat with Skewer in hand and can still threaten a board wipe when targeted by heavy removal.

Some games, with alot of targeting, its better to focus on Fizz as a first choice,
Also if a decent amount of direct damage is done in early game, then Fizz can be an aggressive choice.

A Surprise Destiny's call into Fizz/Pyke is also something to fall back on if all Gems have been exhausted
although the Deck does has a good card draw engine.

I actually started out with only a 44% win rate on this.. however after some time I've shot up to 59%
by figuring out when I should be focusing on Fizz or Pyke early on and when to give on the Pyke level up and switch to Fizz.

I am debating the lack of targeting currently this only has 2 Fired Guns and Skewer, which is mostly a counter removal.

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated and if you like this deck give it thumbs up (Y)

My other Decks iv worked on this Meta:

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