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Runeterra Deck: Yasuo&Lee Sin Pacth 1.5

By Lwolf | Updated July 25th, 2020
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Lwolf July 25th, 2020
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16 12 8 4 0
Avg. Mana Cost: 3.45 Shard Cost: 26,200
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you can change some card if you feel it can fix your style.

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Akira's Avatar
Akira Posted: August 3rd, 2020 | 9:38 PM
Too slow! Way off the meta! Why is it so high rated?
maximuscesar's Avatar
maximuscesar Posted: June 29th, 2020 | 7:35 AM
I didn't wanted to spend wildcards on Lee Sin so I swapped 3 Lee Sin for 3 Steel Tempest and so far the deck is running fine.
Elements0fStyle's Avatar
Elements0fStyle Posted: June 17th, 2020 | 5:52 AM
I love this deck but have made a few alterations:

Remove -
2x Eye of the Dragon
1x Fae Bladetwirler
1x Deep Meditation
1x Minotaur Reckoner

Add -
2x Claws of the Dragon
1x Navori Conspirator
1x Deny
1x Minah Swiftfoot

Eye of the Dragon - has great synergy but I never find myself in a situation where I'm happy it's on the table. I think this card would work better if you were using the cards that play off ephemeral, might be more useful in a deck featuring Zed.
Fae Bladetwirler - is fantastic but 3 of seemed excessive, they're great on turn 3 but if you manage to late game you'll wish it were something else.
Deep meditation - fits much better as a one of. It's really there to help level Lee Sin and a two of just seems excessive. With 3x Shadow Assassin and 3x retreat you'll be drawing a lot already. You could even argue you don't need the single copy but I left it.
Minotaur Reckoner - I took it out for a stronger late game option.

Claws of the Dragon - Takes the place of Eye of the Dragon, is can easily overwhelm the board if you get a solid retreat/return combo. Also has the benefit of not taking up the extra spot on the board that EotD would take.
Navori Conspirator - I like having more Elusive options and I also like the natural ability to recall something. Works well with Shadow Assassin but anything more than one makes the deck clunky. In a pinch you can use the "fleeting" Return to bypass the need to bounce a character.
Deny - Speaks for itself. I'm almost never not happy to have this card in my hand. It can prevent the game from swinging out of reach.
Manah Swiftfoot - In situations where you need that extra push she can get there. Has the potential to be a "win-more" card but this deck really shines in the mid-game. I felt it needed something to contend with if games go long.
Lwolf's Avatar
Lwolf Posted: June 20th, 2020 | 11:30 AM
i'm glad you love this deck and fix for what you like.
i can't suggest anymore because all of this deck is out from my experiment form now on.
hope in the future with new expansion cards can make this deck more powerful.
thank you for play my deck XOXO
SatianoCantana's Avatar
SatianoCantana Posted: June 8th, 2020 | 8:28 AM
This deck is fun to play with. Good job!!
DonCrush's Avatar
DonCrush Posted: June 2nd, 2020 | 3:52 PM
you have created a very good deck. But i changed deep Meditation with another Roar. But all in all strong and powefull.
Lwolf's Avatar
Lwolf Posted: June 7th, 2020 | 10:41 AM
thank for the idea. now i upgraded for new patch 1.2
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