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Awakening Guide - Mechanics, Cards, Champions!

August 31st, 2022 | Hades4u
The Awakening expansion is finally here with over 100 new cards, 5 new champions, and new mechanics and keywords. Let's briefly go through the update and learn what's new! :)

You can find all the new Legends of Runeterra Awakening cards in our Card Database!

New Mechanics, Keywords and Champions!

New Champions

Kayn is a new Runeterran champion that plays around Cultists. While Kayn is in your deck, you can add any Cultist cards to your deck, and after you play 3 Cultist cards, you'll draw Kayn. Will definitely come in handy to always have Kayn at the ready!

In order to level up, Kayn must attack twice, and thanks to his Challenger trait, that should be pretty easy to achieve. Once leveled up, he will transform into Rhaast or The Shadow Assassin. Versatile and exciting!

Master Yi joins the battle and introduces a new keyword, Flow! He's an Ionian champion that specializes on reducing card costs and buffing allies. In order to level up, Master Yi must deal 12+ damage.

Casting multiple abilities will be easier as Master Yi reduces their cost, and this will go well together with Flow, activating bonus effects for all Flow cards whenever you've played 2+ spells or skills in the previous round.

Flow - A card triggers its flow ability if you played 2+ spells or skills last round.

Norra is A Yordle from Bandle City that brings magic and portals to the battlefield! She can summon random followers using her portals, and this is also how she levels up. Since her health is very low both in her normal and leveled forms, you'll have to play carefully with her as she's easy to take down.

You'll have to build your board and game plan around her portals and randomly summoned followers. It's going to be interesting to see what boards and decks Norra will create!

Ornn is here and he brought his mighty forge straight from Freljord, together with a new keyword called Forge! Ornn will use his forge to upgrade the newly added Equipment cards of himself and his allies, boosting their stats. He's going to be difficult to kill as he's Tough, and also a pain to ignore as he'll continuously buff his team's Equipment.

After his allies deal 10 damage or more, he levels up and the game becomes more and more difficult for whoever stands against him.

Forge - Grant an ally +1|+1. If the ally is equipped, grant it to their item instead.

Jax is another Runeterran champion that allows you to place any Weaponmaster cards into your deck. He also introduces a new keyword, Auto-Equip, which works well together with the Equipment cards.

Similar to Ornn, Jax is also all about arming his followers and watching them fight, as he levels up whenever allies have dealt at least 15 damage. He's going to be a tough opponent to deal with when he's fighting alongside his well-armed followers.

And... we're also going to have to deal with that annoying Barrier he carries over from League!

Auto-Equip - Automatically equips this item from hand or play when summoned, creating it first if needed.

New Card Type - Equipment!

Equipment is a new card type that can be equipped to a unit to grant bonuses. It's basically an item! If the unit leaves the battlefield, the equipment will be returned to your hand and can be equipped on another unit. You may play each equipment at most once per round.

New Keywords - Flow, Forge, Auto-Equip and Improvise!

Flow is an effect that triggers whenever you've played at least 2 spells or skills in the last round. You'll have to be actively casting to consistently activate your cards Flow bonuses!

Forge will increase the stats of your allies if they don't have any Equipment card equipped. If they do, the bonuses will be applied to the Equipment instead.

Auto-Equip is an effect that plays together with the new Equipment cards. It will automatically equip an Equipment card from hand or when summoned, creating it if needed based on the card's description.

Improvise will give you two random options from a depleting pool of Equipment to equip on your summoned ally. If the ally wasn't summoned from your hand, it will receive a random Equipment instead.

Awakening Decks

If you want to find decks for Awakening champions, look no further! We have deck lists dedicated to each Awakening champion:

That's it for our Legends of Runeterra Awakening rundown! We're really curious to see what new decks you guys come up with and what you think of this new expansion! Remember you can make your own Awakening deck using our Deck Builder. Let us know in the comments. :)

Remember you can find Runeterra Awakening Cards and Runeterra Awakening Decks right here on RuneterraFire!
(Last Updated: October 13th, 2022)

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