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Domination Guide - Mechanics, Cards, Champions!

October 13th, 2022 | Hades4u
The Domination expansion is finally here with over 65 new cards, 3 new champions, and a new origin and keyword. Let's briefly go through the update and learn what's new! :)

You can find all the new Legends of Runeterra Domination cards in our Card Database!

New Origin, Keyword and Champions!

New Champions

Varus is a new Runeterran champion that plays around Cultists. While Varus is in your deck, you can add any Cultist cards to your deck, and after you play 3 Cultist spells, you'll draw Varus. It's very similar to how Kayn's origin works!

He comes equipped with The Darkin Bow and levels up after targeting 8 allies. Leveling up boosts his stats and makes his bow stronger!

Vayne is a new Demacian champion ready to Tumble around the battlefield and destroy her targets! Her play style revolves around Tumble, equipping her allies with equipment that cost 2 or less. In addition, Tumble will also start a free attack!

To level up Vayne, she has to see you attack 4 times. Leveling up will increase her stats and make Tumble free to cast!

Seraphine is a new champion from Piltover & Zaun! She brings the show to Legends of Runeterra and also a new Keyword called New! Her style is all about casting flashy spells and that's also the way she levels up. After casting at least 6 spells, Seraphine's stats will be increased and playing a spell that costs 2 or less will copy it with the same targets.

New - Any card that you have not played yet.

Domination Decks

If you want to find decks for Domination champions, look no further! We have deck lists dedicated to each Domination champion:

That's it for our Legends of Runeterra Domination rundown! We're really curious to see what new decks you guys come up with and what you think of this new expansion! Remember you can make your own Domination deck using our Deck Builder. Let us know in the comments. :)

Remember you can find Runeterra Domination Cards and Runeterra Domination Decks right here on RuneterraFire!
(Last Updated: December 13th, 2022)

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