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Forces From Beyond Guide - Mechanics, Cards, Champions!

July 20th, 2022 | Hades4u
The Forces From Beyond expansion is finally here with over 70 new cards, 3 new champions, and new mechanics and keywords. Let's briefly go through the update and learn what's new! :)

You can find all the new Legends of Runeterra Forces From Beyond cards in our Card Database!

New Mechanics, Keywords and Champions!

New Champions

It's time for another Runeterran champion with special deck building rules, Evelynn! Her special rule allows players to place any cards that summon Husks into her decks. Her play style revolves around Husks and buffing herself with their positive keywords and protective effects.

Another layer of possibilities for all deck builders!

Kai'Sa joins the battle and introduces a new keyword, Evolve! She will definitely be a fun champion to experiment with, as she can create copies of herself which she can buff using allies' positive keywords. The more positive keywords you can buff Kai'Sa with, the more damage she will be able to rain upon your enemies!

Evolve - I have +2 attack and health once you've given or summoned allies with 6+ other positive keywords this game.

Gwen is a tricky one. She works around the new keyword, Hallowed, which buffs her attack whenever another ally is buffed by a Hallowed card. Draining the enemy Nexus will also be a concern for your opponent, as Gwen excels at doing so, especially when leveled up!

Hallowed - After I die, for the rest of the game when allies attack, Hallow your first attacker giving it 1 bonus damage that round. This effect stacks depending on how many Hallowed units have died this match.

New Keywords - Evolve and Hallowed!

Evolve is a new keyword that buffs the card with bonus attack and damage whenever you've given or summoned an ally with 6 or more positive keywords. This will play perfectly with Kai'Sa decks and it's going to be interesting to see how many positive keywords and damage players can stack!

Hallowed is another new keyword that joins us in this expansion. Whenever a Hallowed card dies, for the rest of the game when allies attack, your first attacker receives 1 bonus damage that round. If you have Gwen in play, she will also receive bonus attack whenever an ally is buffed by a Hallowed card. This bonus is further improved based on the number of Hallowed units that died during the match.

Forces From Beyond Decks

If you want to find decks for Forces From Beyond champions, look no further! We have deck lists dedicated to each Forces From Beyond champion:

That's it for our Legends of Runeterra Forces From Beyond rundown! We're really curious to see what new decks you guys come up with and what you think of this new expansion! Remember you can make your own Forces From Beyond deck using our Deck Builder. Let us know in the comments. :)

Remember you can find Runeterra Forces From Beyond Cards and Runeterra Forces From Beyond Decks right here on RuneterraFire!
(Last Updated: September 6th, 2022)

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