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Runeterra Deck: Dead Stars

By SmolBunnyGirl | Updated February 3rd, 2021
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SmolBunnyGirl February 3rd, 2021
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Avg. Mana Cost: 3.08 Shard Cost: 22,100
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Deck Details & Information
The lack of a Thresh A-sol deck offended me, I dont claim this to be a good deck, but come on guys.

Alright so Ive been testing and testing this deck and think its in a much better spot now. Its a later game deck so there had to be a number of early units in the deck, and I removed a lot of late game threats that were just cluttering up the deck, as A-sol (And summoning multiple a-sols) is a late game threat enough.

So the idea is to get thresh and to have him see 6 deaths, while very possible will mean thresh will see a lot of combat, if you can keep him alive and play A-sol then you can actually get multiple of the same champion (assuming you play the champion first before you attack with thresh.) Using Haunted Relic will seriously help level thresh using it just to level him on a defense turn and attacking the turn after is cheesey and fun. Using a The Rekindler or The Chronicler of Ruin on Thresh does in fact mean that its a NEW Thresh so he can summon a NEW A-sol onto the field.

Thresh wont always get upgraded so this deck also has Undying in it and can be used to threaten a win with them, be careful however since this can and will fill your board quickly. Use Mark of the Shadow Isles to kill of the Undying and kill a unit they block them with assuming they do, if they don't its also an ok way to start their stacking from a 2/2 onward.

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TrevenantForest's Avatar
TrevenantForest Posted: February 7th, 2021 | 12:21 AM
Why aren't you running Oblivious Islander? Feels like it would be good in the deck
Dropit13's Avatar
Dropit13 Posted: January 10th, 2021 | 4:30 PM
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