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Runeterra Deck: One Tree Hill

By Barnacle_Ed | Updated July 14th, 2021
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Barnacle_Ed July 14th, 2021
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Avg. Mana Cost: 3.48 Shard Cost: 27,900
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Deck Details & Information
A WIP Spooky Ashe meets They Who Endure list that provides a true "enduring chill" for your opponents to deal with.

The game plan of this deck is to

1) Get on the board early and stall our opponent with numerous chump blockers. Trade units aggressively in the early phases of the game, and take whatever chip damage you can without over-committing on attacks. Ideally you want to save your Frostbite effects until mid-game when more powerful threats start to emerge but don't be afraid to use one if it helps avoid a significant amount of damage.

2) Maintain hand and board advantage with cost-effective plays. Rimefang Wolf combos wonderfully with Flash Freeze to remove big threats when attacking. Stalking Shadows and Glimpse Beyond are good ways to dump excess mana. Blighted Ravine can instantly stabilize the board against aggro decks and/or level up Thresh if used well.

3) Transition into a game winning play. There's a few options as to how this deck can win:
- If you level up Thresh, ideally play an Ashe then attack with both Thresh and Ashe which gets you a second Ashe on the board. This is extremely punishing for midrange decks to try and handle.
- The more chump units you sacrifice, the more powerful They Who Endure + Atrocity becomes. You can also get more ephemeral copies of TWE through Stalking Shadows to use as suicide attackers.
- Atrocity on a leveled Ashe is also fairly potent; if your opponent has 1 or 0 units on the board when Ashe attacks, that's 12 damage before taking any other friendly units into consideration!
- Finally, if all else fails and your opponent has cleared your primary threats listed above, The Harrowing can revive several TWE and Ashe for a very powerful attack.

Feedback and suggestions appreciated!

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