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Runeterra Deck: Rimefangs

By DaisyLazy | Updated January 17th, 2023
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DaisyLazy January 17th, 2023
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Avg. Mana Cost: 3.93 Shard Cost: 30,500
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This is a deck i made to climb to masters, and i love it, nobody ever is expecting the rimefangs, they waste so much trying to get rid of the spam, or even ashe and gwen, and yet those are just secondary elements to the deck (that most of the time are enough to just finish a game)

it's full of clean up and sustain against aggro, it counters equipment and late game decks hard, and it's really good against blockers

i'll admit that the deck is a bit hard to play but once you get the hang of it, it's super fun, at least it is for me

(i usually don't run rekindler but, i added it because it provides even more blockers, and it turned out to be better for me)

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yingyago's Avatar
yingyago Posted: January 24th, 2023 | 4:35 PM
How this work?
DaisyLazy's Avatar
DaisyLazy Posted: January 28th, 2023 | 7:42 AM
it's a tempo deck, so it depends on which match up you're against, if you are against aggro decks, you wanna priotize as many blockers and drain possible, especially clean up, if you're against more slow decks, you want to prio the landmarks and rimefangs as well as some freezes to stack them, if you're against combo decks that most likely will beat you if you don't kill them fast enough, then you wanna get as much spam as possible, early units, and either gwen or ashe with freezes, and play aggressive, it seriously depends which deck you're against, and by experience, the deck works well against all sorts
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