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Runeterra Deck: A Helia of a Good Time

By PoeticallyPsychotic | Updated August 20th, 2022
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PoeticallyPsychotic August 20th, 2022
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Avg. Mana Cost: 4.48 Shard Cost: 35,100
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0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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Deck Details & Information
The Hallowed package is exactly what Vaults of Helia needs to be viable: good curve, death value, and independently strong enough that you're not screwed if you can't play Vaults or your opponent prevents you from getting value out of it.

Now on Mk.4 of this deck. Previous iterations featured Scion as the 7-drop. However, he almost never came out leveled, and while he was a decent recipient for Hallowed buffs, I decided he just wasn't cutting it. The new 7-drop is Rekindler, giving us both good value and an additional body for blocking. Eternal Dancers will also revive the Rekindler much of the time, which is a nice perk I hadn't considered at first.

Thresh was a late addition to the deck. Ethereal Remitter just wasn't cutting it as a 5-drop, and Thresh's stat-line and Challenger make him a fantastic sniper when paired with Hallowed buffs. Don't expect to see him level, though. Similarly, Elise is in here for early- and mid-game value, being essentially a House Spider+. Really, all of our champions are in here because they represent high-priority threats that our opponent wants to deal with immediately, but aren't important to our win condition, so we can safely trade up with them. Gwen is the main one we'd like to hold onto, simply because she's so much better on attack than defense.

Our real win-con is Captain Farron. With 8 Power plus Hallowed buffs and overwhelm, he hits like a truck, and with 8 Health he's very hard for the opponent to kill in one turn. Vaults of Helia lets us open attack with him on turn 8 or 9, and that is a very bad time for the opponent. If the Decimates he creates aren't enough to finish them, hopefully Commander Ledros and Atakhan will be.

Other Notes:
- Vaults of Helia kills at the start of the turn, letting you bring back the unit with Mist's Call.
- Eternal Dancers has a weird interaction with leveled champions. If the champion died before leveling, it's their pre-leveled Power that she checks. That means if you want her to revive a second leveled Thresh, you don't want her to have Hallowed buffs if he died before leveling. This may get patched at some point.

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