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Runeterra Deck: Arachnophilia

By FiresFrost | Updated October 3rd, 2020
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FiresFrost October 3rd, 2020
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16 12 8 4 0
Avg. Mana Cost: 2.98 Shard Cost: 16,800
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0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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Deck Details & Information
This is the most "spiderish" deck you can build right now, with 3 copies of each and every Spider card currently available in the game, being as easy to play as cheap to buy. I wouldn't use any card in the likes of Glimpse Beyond, usually popular in Spider decks: Elise, Brood Awakening, Decisive Maneuver, Frenzied Skitterer and Arachnoid Host make every Spider card be useful alive, even the tiny Spiderling.

Noxian Guillotine can be replaced by Crowd Favorite, Black Spear or Arena Battlecaster, depending on your preferences and playstyle.

RISING TIDES UPDATE (28/04/2020): After reading Patch Notes 1.0 and seeing there are not new Spider cards coming in Set 2, this deck will stay as it was during Foundation Set. Maybe swapping Noxian Guillotine by Ravenous Flock, in case you wanted to make deck even mana-cheaper or synergize with Decisive Maneuver.

As always: Suggestions may not always be followed, but will always be listened to.

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DarkShark's Avatar
DarkShark Posted: June 4th, 2020 | 12:32 PM
So i tried to play some Elise decks before coming here and my main problems seems to be that I run out of cards to play because most of them are cheap Mana cards. What do you do about that?
FiresFrost's Avatar
FiresFrost Posted: June 6th, 2020 | 12:40 PM
The typical (and practically only) solution to fix that problem you just described is running one or more copies of Glimpse Beyond in the deck.

Spiderlings are usually the targets for this card, as they are extremely weak and quite "mass-produced" by many other cards of the deck. Glimpse Beyond can also be used to turn any Spider that was going to die anyway into extra-draw, counter some enemy spells ( Grasp of the Undying, Double Up, Noxian Guillotine...) or even help to achieve the playing condition of Crawling Sensation, Fresh Offerings and Rhasa the Sunderer. It's a good card to add to the deck, Riot indeed includes it in their own Arachnophilia expedition archetype.

My reason not to use it is that, thanks to some cards such as Elise or Arachnoid Host among others, I think every Spider unit can be really helpfull, and so I prefer to keep them alive as long as I can. Although that means I will actually have no means to avoid running out of cards to play, as you commented, Spider decks are usually powerful enough at early game to win the game before the hand gets depleted.
Elvixiozo's Avatar
Elvixiozo Posted: May 7th, 2020 | 9:08 PM
es un mazo bastante bueno para atacar todo el tiempo el problema es que en late muere y mazos como el de teemo o de control pueden destrozarlo si no sale elise rapido en fin le pongo un 7
TreeBeard-DaneIronfoot's Avatar
TreeBeard-DaneIronfoot Posted: May 4th, 2020 | 5:14 PM
I created an account on here just to say how much I hate facing spider decks esp as a Naut/Mao main. My attempts to counter other people spiders (fire vs fire) didn't work well. Thanks for honing it in! This deck is slick.
CelestialTiefling's Avatar
CelestialTiefling Posted: May 4th, 2020 | 2:40 PM
Really great adaption to typical spider decks now that most decks want to keep things moving and last till late game. Noxian Guillotine is an excellect card to keep your mid game spike from hurting. This deck when played right can actually last in late game which is why its pretty good. I wouldn't put it in the same category as enlightened decks at all. But it's better to have a versatile deck then to only depend on turns 1-5.
DXWALK's Avatar
DXWALK Posted: May 21st, 2020 | 3:39 PM
I still think the deck has some issues, especially against Anivia, MF/Quinn or Yasuo decks. I know it is RNG based, it is REALLY important to have an Elise on the first 3 turns of the game, but having a lot of units with high dmg and no health is quite a problem against some decks. I think some Phantom Prankster or Neverglade Collector could be a good way to apply more pressure mid game.
FiresFrost's Avatar
FiresFrost Posted: May 24th, 2020 | 12:43 PM
I'll reply to your comment point by point, as it is actually a quite interesting one:

1) "AOE damage" of any kind is the main weakness of this deck, not only Anivia or Yasuo with Intimidating Roar (not really sure why you mentioned Miss Fortune and Quinn here though), but also Twisted Fate's red card, Leveled Jinx's Super Mega Death Rocket!, The Box, Make it Rain, Death Lotus or Chempunk Shredder. And although there's nothing that can be done to save the little spiders, it's possible to replace the dead ones with Crawling Sensation or even use them as "fuel" for Fresh Offerings.

2) As some of you have already pointed out in your comments, Elise is obviously both the "boss unit" and the easiest win condition of the deck, but not the only one. Rhasa the Sunderer and Vilemaw are perfectly capable of closing up games too. It is surprisingly easy to proc Rhasa the Sunderer's effect in a spider deck, while Vilemaw will be a real threat that's very difficult to deal with if she's summoned in rounds 3-6.

3) It is true that both Phantom Prankster and Neverglade Collector combo very well in this kind of deck, to the point that Riot (correctly) includes them both in their own Arachnophilia expedition archetype. They're great to end games in those situations when spiders have already attacked and the enemy Nexus is left with very few HP. The problem here is that both of them take out one slot in the board that could be used by any spider, and as you can see and read in my Details section, I prefer to have a board full of spider cards alive and buffed to attack than to let them die or even kill them myself to trigger other effects (hence why I don't use Glimpse Beyond). If you still wanted to include one of them or both in your deck, I suppose you could swap them by 1 or 2 copies of Arachnoid Sentry, which is useful but not core of the deck.

I hope this reply has been a good answer to your comment. Feel free to advice me to move all this long text I just wrote to the Details section if you think it will be more useful there.
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